Red veined sorrel

Weeds & More

We grow organic edible flowers, garnishes, herbs and vegetables in Malaysia’s cool-climate highlands for restaurants and hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.

Red veined sorrel

Our produce

We grow produce traditionally air flown in from Europe or Australia. Air flown produce spends, on average, 10 days in transit. We deliver our produce within 24 hours of harvest.

We grow around 60 varieties of edible flowers, garnishes, herbs, fruits and vegetables, including fennel flowers, chervil, physalis, heirloom tomatoes, watermelon radishes and coloured carrots.

We supply directly to hotels and restaurants. We do not use middle men or suppliers.

Our produce is organic, fresh and fully traceable.

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Our farms

We work with two small organic farms outside Ringlet in the southern reaches of Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. Over 1000 meters above sea level, they have a perfect year-round climate of around 15 degrees Celsius at night and 23 degrees Celsius during the day.

We grow most vegetables year-round, the only interlude being the two monsoons, a small one in April and a big one in November- December when slow-growing brassicas sometimes take longer to mature.

Our clients

We work directly with chefs and restaurants, tailoring produce to their needs.

  • “No other relationship has been so instrumental to our growth as restaurant and chefs as the one forged with the farms of Weeds and More. Much more than access to fresh, quality, organic ingredients, this bond takes us closer to a vision of the world we want to see materialised. Necessary, challenging and exciting.”
    Ivan Brehm
    Chef, Nouri
  • “It is fantastic to see our Malaysian terroir express itself in premium European vegetable varieties. Local produce is often ignored in favour of expensive stuff from Europe, and I am glad to be able to support a top-quality Malaysian product.”
    Darren Chin
    Proprietor/chef de cuisine, DC restaurant by Darren Chin

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